Getting Green With Cordless Yard Equipment

With all the buzz around being eco-friendly and green these days, how about looking into ways which you can be green while working in your yard? Things such as gas powered leaf blowers, lawn mowers, and other gas-powered lawn tools expend a large amount of fumes into the air. With the advancement of battery power these days, a lot of gas powered lawn tools you’ve become accustomed to are available in cordless versions. Most using 18v rechargeable batteries (some lithium) last long enough to get most of your work done on average sized yards. Additionally, most cordless packages come with interchangeable batteries enabling you to use the batteries for things like hedge trimmers, string trimmers, and leaf blowers.

These trimmers also have reliable blades that will be able to move around in all opposite directions so that it reduces the vibration. This can help you in minimizing the feeling of fatigue you might experience holding the device. There are quite a few models that have a twenty-two inch long trimmer that provides a great reach. you can also find trimmers that come with 18 inch blades composed of stainless steel. You should be sure to use the hand guards and safety trigger switches so that you get a little extra protection when you need it the most.

If your trimmer comes with rechargeable batteries, it might require a ten hour charge period. After the initial charge, it might need to be charged for around six hours and will provide trimmer for as long as an hour. However, some models do come with quick charging batteries and stations which can charge the battery in as little as 30 minutes! It might be able to cut about 1200 feet of hedges in that time frame. There are a few trimmers that can last 65 minutes or longer. Pay close attention to how often you charge your battery and how long you wait before you recharge them. These trimmers are very likely to provide better and smoother hedges that with other types of trimmers. You can even try out the telescopic models for cordless hedge trimmers because they provide more extension with a simple touch of its button. These have also been designed with ergonomics kept in mind so they are easier to use.

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