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Soy Braised Dishes and Braising Tau Kwa

With CNY not far away, I assumed I ought to begin running a blog a bit extra actively once more. Actually I’m doing this extra for my very own sake as running a blog, like journaling, assist me to maintain observe of my cooking journey. 

I will probably be releasing just a few put up on braising recipes. For the CNY desk, if you’re a Sinma individual, you’re prone to be braising a dish or two. 

When you consider it, Soy Sauce Chicken, Braised Duck (“lor ark”), Dong Po Pork, Braised Pork Trotter, Braised Pork Knuckles (Yin Tai), Toyu Bak and many others makes use of the identical concepts or strategies of soy sauce braising. 

The factor I like about these recipes is that they at all times include an organization of facet dishes. Along with the braised meat, you need to use the identical sauce to braise Tau Kwa (“exhausting” tofu), hard-boiled eggs, mushrooms, peanuts and so on. They refill the eating desk properly for a household dinner night. Add some chilli sauce or sambal belachan and recent cucumber or lettuce to finish the dinner. And rice in fact. You will not want a lot else. 

Master your braising dishes and you’ll have a plethora of recipes to work with.  

For starters, you do want to make use of good soy sauce. I’ve tried numerous varieties right here. Unless you’re keen to pay extra for a very good native one like Kwong Woh Hings (it’s actually good), my favourites sauces are these from Malaysia. They are good and extra importantly, low cost. This method your coronary heart will not harm a lot whenever you pour your soy sauce in generously for the braises. Good soy sauce brewing merely wants land and solar. Like golf, you merely should be keen to pay extra in case you go native. I’ve wrote a put up describing the soy sauces I usually use. I’ve additionally talked about how they have been favoured in some blind tasting occasions and trumped the native manufacturers. 

The excellent news is that even if you cannot journey up nation, you should buy their sauces on-line right here or right here.  

I’ve blogged aplenty about these braising recipes.  

I return to my household favorite Toyu Bak Please learn up on this and additionally some ideas right here on “gradual and low” braising. I’ll add right here some notes on braising good Tau Kwa.  

By Tau Kwa I imply the firmer tofu which is suited to braising or stir-frying. If you need it agency and recent, the grocery store selection simply will not do. From the pictures and movies right here, you na se that the tau Kwa I’m utilizing right here has a easy texture which is an indication of freshness. You have to purchase them from moist markets for those who have been made in the identical morning. As the vendor will advise, simply soak it in water in a bowl (or plastic which ain’t inexperienced!) and go away it within the fridge if you’re cooking it later within the day. Even if you’re cooking it the following day, it ought to nonetheless be brisker than these that are discovered on grocery store shelfs. 

You braise your pork stomach first in fact. Scoop from the floor a few of the oil onto a heated pan. Place the entire Tau Kwa gently on the pan. After about 5 minutes, scoop some sauces from the ToYu Bak into the pan. You are searing and steaming it on the identical time. Drizzle some darkish soy sauce and mild soy sauce. Place the lid and gently braise it for about quarter-hour (verify video beneath). After that, go away it within the sauce and warmth it up once more earlier than you slice and serve.  

Trust me, when you have executed it nicely, the sliced tau kwa will vanish very quickly.  

I will probably be running a blog different braising recipes quickly. Stay tuned. 


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