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Upwork and Tent partner to assist Ukrainian refugees with job placement

The two corporations are working collectively so as to discover roles for displaced professionals within the subject of tech.

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As the Russian assault on Ukraine continues to rage, some who’ve escaped Ukraine are needing assist with job placement inside the tech sector. To this finish, Upwork has introduced they’re collaborating with non-profit group, Tent, so as to assist facilitate discovering positions for Ukrainian refugees. The new initiative, entitled “Opportunity Unlimited: Connecting displaced professionals to remote work” is aimed in direction of connecting displaced Ukrainian professionals to distant work alternatives by the top of 2022.

The two corporations have additionally introduced that they are going to partner with a community of tech suppliers reminiscent of Payoneer, the United Nations International Organization for Migration (IOM) and Non-governmental organizations together with HIAS, Techfugees, Humans within the Loop, Na’amal, Upwardly Global and others to establish displaced expertise who can use the Upwork platform.

“Our own workforce is significantly Ukrainian. We’ve got a lot of Ukrainian engineers and other professionals on the team,” mentioned Patrick Hedren, vice chairman and head of worldwide public coverage and authorities relations at Upwork. “I think for a lot of U.S. companies, this experience has hit very close to home and we’ve been working incredibly hard, since even the end of last year, to try and do everything that we can for our colleagues and for people who use our platform there and beyond.”

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The Opportunity Unlimited initiative

While the marketing campaign from Upwork and Tent can assist these with expertise in tech classes reminiscent of net, cell and software program growth, buyer assist and advertising and marketing, there are a selection of different alternatives afforded to these searching for job placement as effectively, in accordance to Hedren.

“I think the latest count, what I’ve heard, is we have maybe over 10,000 different categories that are sort of broad enough, but specific enough to capture the work that happens,” he mentioned. “But within those categories, we do certainly see typically a concentration in skills that are, for example, software engineering and design. We see accountants. We see sort of data science and data related roles and things like that. And certainly, those are some of the areas where we’ve seen our initial partners, like Bloomberg and Genpact and Sutherland, start to look at how we can put slates together that involve those specific skills.”

In addition to the distant alternatives afforded to Ukrainian refugees, Upwork can also be offering assist to displaced professionals reminiscent of:

  • Job matching between displaced expertise and work alternatives accessible
  • Access to expertise coaches who will assist displaced professionals and advise them on how to market themselves to corporations
  • Skills certification and badging to improve the possibilities for displaced expertise to be employed

“It’s more important than ever that displaced people within and outside Ukraine are given the chance to earn income for themselves and their families,” mentioned Gideon Maltz, government director on the Tent Partnership for Refugees. “As permanent employment may not yet be available for most refugees from Ukraine, freelance work is a lifeline for connecting them to income and leveraging their skills, especially in the IT and digital sectors.”

Hedren says that whereas the conflict in Ukraine was the catalyst for the launch of Opportunity Unlimited, the long-term purpose is for it to be self-sustaining and assist displaced individuals from quite a lot of completely different international locations, reminiscent of Syria or Venezuela.

“From this point, the goal is to really grow this into a program that’s viable globally and could apply just as much with people who have fled from other parts of the world that have conflict in them,” Hedren mentioned. “We’ve obviously focused a lot on Ukraine, and the scope of the crisis there is truly remarkable and so fast moving. About 8 million people are internally displaced in Ukraine and about 5 million people who have crossed the border we think. Hopefully, in most cases temporarily, to leave Ukraine. So the scope of that is just staggering, and candidly, we know that we won’t be able to help everybody or help solve this for everybody.”


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